Wood Lane 3: Hounslow Highways share more detail of next week’s resurfacing works

Following some lengthy correspondence with Hounslow Highways, details of how the long awaited resurfacing of Wood Lane will be carried out and managed have now been made available.

150921 Wood Lane Musgrave sign

After a few residents made contact with me about access to their properties (see item from 13.9.2015), Hounslow Highways have agreed that the works will now be carried out nightly, in sections: Parkwood Road to Musgrave Road; Musgrave Road to Borough Road; Borough Road to Great West Road.

Obviously, there will be short term disruption but whilst parking on Wood Lane itself will be suspended, residents should not be prevented from parking on their own drives outside road working hours.

The works start on Monday night, 12.10.2015 and are expected to last until Tuesday morning 20.10.2015 between 9.00 pm and 5.00 am (not Friday to Sunday due to the rugby). During the works there will be no access between Great West Road and Parkwood Road (apart from and to 120 Wood Lane via Great West Road).

Advanced warning signs have already been placed advising road users and residents of the start of the works and markings have appeared on the carriageway and by road humps.

Residents should expect parking suspension signs, no parking cones and all properties and vehicles parked in the area leafleted with another reminder of the works.

After 9.00 pm on road working nights, the H28 bus
 will be diverted to and from Wood Lane (north) via Great West Road, Syon Lane and London Road, see detail here.

Road diversions will also placed between Thornbury Road, Spur Road and further east; maps showing these can be found here, here and here. Finer detail can be read here.

All mobile plant used for the resurfacing will be parked safely at the end of each working shift; signed and protected accordingly.

Ruth Cadbury MP and I have asked for and waited a long time for improvements to this well used and important road and are grateful for Hounslow Highways’ positive response. Yes, there will be disruption to normal routine but the result should be worth it and (like our cars’ suspensions) last for many years.

The contact number for any resident enquiries during the works is 020 8583 2222.

TL 7.10.2015

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