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A walk in the park yields ideas

Entrance to Thornbury Park

London Road entrance to Thornbury Park

Sidmouth Avenue and Crawford Close residents put in a shift

Invited by David and Eileen Tannahill of number 12, I had a walk with some 24 residents of all ages around Sidmouth Avenue, Crawford Close and Thornbury Park late September 2014 to discuss mainly environmental, flytipping and other occasional anti social behaviour.  People spoke of ideas to spruce up the neighbourhood, reduce flytipping, improve service roads safe access to Isleworth Station through the Metro Industrial Estate and to Thornbury Park.

An early outcome from that meet was a neighbourhood clean up day on the last Saturday of October (see photo).  Equipment, bags and a truck to take them away was arranged by Hounslow Highways and a skip was supplied by Hounslow Council’s Pollution Team.  Effort and enthusiasm was provided by a large number of residents. Continue reading

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Spring Grove to the rescue 2 – Sainsbury’s

The Barklays Bank site acquired by Tesco

The Barclays Bank site being acquired by Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s and Tesco are less able to cut it with their big shops or the Germans so they’re coming to a High Street near you

Sainsbury’s has secured all permissions for the former Barclays Bank site at 459 London Road and Tesco is developing 1 Clifton Road.

The closure of the third and last of Isleworth’s Barclays Bank branches offered the orange team an opportunity to maintain their rivalry with the blue team, Sainsbury’s secured the option to buy the lease on the former bank site but they had to get their permissions first. Continue reading

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Spring Grove to the rescue 1 – Tesco

The ARK site acquired by Tesco

The ARK site acquired by Tesco

Tesco and Sainsbury’s seeking to reverse their superstore failures and fight it out on London Road

Tesco is developing 1 Clifton Road and Sainsbury’s has secured all permissions for 459 London Road Isleworth.

Soon after May 2014’s election, a couple of early cases featured Tesco Stores Limited; not the confident and connected market leader Hounslow had to deal with when their superstore expansion meant five giant sheds were built in the borough in the early 1990s.

One Tesco attempt was to wake their neighbours up really early morning by seeking to change their Syon Lane store opening hours from 8.00 am to 6.00 am.  I felt that the council’s planners were going to allow this but I was able to get it on to the Planning Committee agenda for its 31 July 2014 meeting with the aim of getting its members to reject Tesco’s application. Continue reading

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Hounslow Environment Department still maintains a Noise Team

NoiseGuidanceIf a particular and sustained noise occurs in the evening and night time the Noise Team should be able to witness it and hopefully identify the source.

Please call 020 8583 2222 between 22:00 and 04:00hrs on Friday or Saturday night and leave a message for the Noise Team.  They will call you back and arrange to visit you and witness the noise.

Otherwise and at other times, use these log sheets to take a detailed record of the noise.

These log sheets act as important evidence if the case goes to court, therefore it is essential that they are clear and accurate.

Please fill out these log sheets for 2 – 4 weeks and return them to e-mail or post to Pollution Control, London Borough of Hounslow, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 4DN. Continue reading

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The Conquest Club/Nishkam Academy Proposal

Conquest Club to Nishkam Academy: no planning application or permission granted – but site being bought with your money

141129 Conquest Club signHounslow’s Labour council continues to invest local money in extending its primary schools to ease the demand for places for this age group.  David Cameron turned up unannounced at the Green School recently to continue to punt his government’s money wasting free school dogma which means that Hounslow’s (councillors continue to be told) 3 new secondary schools needed by 2018 can only be developed by anyone but the local authority.

Despite this advancing, unproved and often controversial tax funded free market in education, Hounslow Council still has a duty to provide all children with a school place and, to attempt a fist at coordination, meets with other providers via a local Academy and Free School Reference Group. Continue reading

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