A walk in the park yields ideas

Entrance to Thornbury Park

London Road entrance to Thornbury Park

Sidmouth Avenue and Crawford Close residents put in a shift

Invited by David and Eileen Tannahill of number 12, I had a walk with some 24 residents of all ages around Sidmouth Avenue, Crawford Close and Thornbury Park late September 2014 to discuss mainly environmental, flytipping and other occasional anti social behaviour.  People spoke of ideas to spruce up the neighbourhood, reduce flytipping, improve service roads safe access to Isleworth Station through the Metro Industrial Estate and to Thornbury Park.

An early outcome from that meet was a neighbourhood clean up day on the last Saturday of October (see photo).  Equipment, bags and a truck to take them away was arranged by Hounslow Highways and a skip was supplied by Hounslow Council’s Pollution Team.  Effort and enthusiasm was provided by a large number of residents.

September’s walk in Thornbury Park revealed a number of shortcomings from the parks contractor, Carillion including unwiped graffiti on equipment, uncollected litter in the play area, empty beer cans, broken furniture, dumped rubbish in the shrub areas and (a sign of these austere times) rough sleeping by the railway lines.  All generally reducing the appeal and potential of this great space.

To be fair, after reporting this to Hounslow Council’s parks team and community safety team, the contractor (or someone) did clear much of the flytip, replaced a bench, had a go at the graffiti and with a few more police patrols the tent and sleeping bags are no more.  Much recently, a lot of shrubbery has been cut back behind the western end of Sidmouth Avenue towards the Metro Estate revealing the beauty of and giving growing room a long line of silver birch (and the ivy climbing up them).

Some new flytips have appeared in the service road facing Crawford Close and these can be reported to pollution@hounslow.gov.uk.  On street flytips are dealt with by Hounslow Highways on 020 8583 2000 or via their contact form.

Crawford skip

Community clean up day: Hounslow Council provided skip leaving CrawfordClose

Hounslow Council provides a free furniture and bulky items removal through its Tidy Town service to Council Tax payers, up to 5 items twice a year.  To book call 020 8583 2000.  More information can be found here.

Am still pursuing a litter bin and no flytip signs at the start of Crawford Close but so far Hounslow Highways are not keen to play ball.

Graffiti on Network Rail buildings behind the fence however, remains.

Service roads improvements and safety

One neighbourhood ambition being promoted since has been some surfacing and enhanced lighting in the homeowner owned service roads so far unadopted (by Hounslow Council).  This has taken place as part of Cabinet Member for Finance, Councillor Theo Dennison’s recent consultation on unspent Planning Act 1990 S106 (planning gain), via nearby new planning applications such as 575-579 London Road, read the minutes here: , in discussions at the council on public transport improvements around London Road and prior to the street lighting upgrades in Sidmouth Avenue; with varied success.

A positive conversation has now been had with LBH’s head of traffic, Mark Frost, who has agreed that one of his staff will look at this project in more detail late Spring 2015 (not the only demand on this busy team), and to scope some options and costs, agree a consultation process and find out what the neighbourhood would prefer. Depending on the level of support, Isleworth & Brentford Area Forum will decide how to progress and officers will try to assemble and secure funding.

Yellow lines on corners and the end of Sidmouth Avenue

Short yellow line painting to improve road safety and access has been requested and continues to be pursued along with half a dozen more such requests across Osterley & Spring Grove Ward.

Isleworth Station

Part of the reason for making the service roads safer is that many people use this route to Isleworth Station.  Its handy proximity and generally good service to Waterloo is not reflected in the facilities at the station.  The scant investment shows and the almost derelict station house is a local embarrassment, the slow walk from the westbound platform to the street after the evening commute is a drudge, worse when the ticket inspectors pitch up, further delaying everyone’s exit (and access).

It is very good to know that representations from local residents, St Johns Residents Association and me are beginning to get through.  Mark Frost has reported recent positive meetings with South West Trains with an agreement to scope, budget and pursue funding on the following improvements:

  • Landscaping, tidy up, cycle access at southern end and refreshing lining of the car park
  • New fencing to the embankment from the car park
  • Extended canopies on the London bound platform
  • Repainting the station
  • A medium term feasibility to bring the dilapidated station building into (community) use, town centre manager Rachel Victor-Sampson will be working on this.

Comments on Isleworth Station are always welcome.

West Thames College students

Occasionally disoriented West Thames College students sometimes lose themselves around the neighbourhood.  The college security can help them find their way out if contacted.  WTC’s Security Manager is Ed Williams-Otehtubi and his number is 078 0824 8838 and the Security Office is 020 8326 6363 but try to speak to Ed.

Always interested to hear of issues around here and will provide updates on progress whenever it happens.

TL 24.3.2015

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