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Conquest and White Lodge Clubs: The people win, EFA retreats, MP cited in “done deal” claim

Osterley folk have won a skirmish they could have done without with just a few phone calls, an e mail or two and their local councillor. Like the Grand Old Duke of York, Michael Gove’s Education Funding Agency has now skulked back from its trespass on public land.

The big grey fence has gone.

Going, now gone: the EFA's costly trespass of public land on Syon Lane, Osterley

Going, now gone: the EFA’s costly trespass of public land on Syon Lane, Osterley

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Conquest Club lands: New Lord of the Manor and 21st Century Enclosures

Following extraordinary activity the past fortnight on the former Conquest Club/White Lodge Club/Pyrene Sports Ground where its new owner, not satisfied with their many new hectares, decided to nick another belonging to the community, spoiling the view from 177 to 211 Syon Lane, wasting public money on an illegal structure and getting off on the wrong foot with hundreds of residents.

150424 Syon Lane hoarding and jogger

Brave jogger by the EFA’s illegal hoardings on Syon Lane

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