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Nishkam responds to residents’ concerns

NishkamLogoBThis week, all Hounslow councillors received a letter from Vincent & Gorbing dealing with the proposal to build a free school for 1400 children on the White Lodge site at 152 Syon Lane.  Vincent & Gorbing is both the architectural company for the development and supplies the agent who submitted the application.  They deal closely with planning officers on planning matters related to the development.

The purpose of the letter was to alert councillors to what V&G, on behalf of the Nishkam School Trust and the taxpayer bankrolled Educational Funding Agency, what they consider to be incorrect information about the development coming from the volunteer run residents’ group Keep Osterley Green.

Specifically the document to which the V&G referred to is a KOG document entitled Who is Spreading Rumours. This document was sent to all councillors as a reaction to a general comment about rumours in an earlier e mail from V&G to all councillors; you can see that here.

The letter from V&G can be found here and should Keep Osterley Green respond, I’ll again, to encourage the fullest possible debate, share as I have tried to do with previous communications.

TL  18.9.2015

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White Lodge and Conquest Clubs sites: another opportunity to see the free school proposal

Regular readers will recall how the former and defeated Conservative MP kept quiet about what she knew about the proposals to build a school on the sports grounds between Wood Lane and Syon Lane in Osterley and Spring Grove Ward.  Fortuately her cover was blown when the new owners trespassed onto public land to build a fence, see previous article here.

After the cat was let out of the bag and through pressure via this website and residents, the school’s promoters set up a hurried exhibition towards the end of May, prior to submitting a planning application.  A revised planning application was submitted on 25 August 2015 and comments on this are now being sought, see the notification here.

Details of the 8.9.2015 public exhibition

Details of the 8.9.2015 public exhibition

Now more openly supported by a public relations company, Nishkam Free School has been inviting Hounslow councillors and residents to another brief event at the Osterley Hotel on Tuesday 8 September 2015, a copy of my invitation can be seen here.

More information on the free school proposals can be found here and the website set up by residents without costly PR, Keep Osterley Green, can be found here.

TL 3.9.2015

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Clubs grounds: Nishkam Free School exhibits this week

Wednesday 20.5.2015 3.00pm to 8.00pm

and Saturday 23.5.2015 10.30am to 2.00pm

Osterley Park Hotel, Corner of Wood Lane and Great West Road, TW7 5NA


Flyer for Nishkam proposals exhibition 20 and 23 May 2015

Flyer for Nishkam proposals exhibition 20 and 23 May 2015 at the Osterley Park Hotel

More than three years since last meeting residents, the owners of Nishkam free school are exhibiting plans for the Conquest and White Lodge Clubs site.

The flyer says:

After an extensive site search, Nishkam School, supported by the Education Funding Agency, is proposing a new ‘all through’ school (pupils aged 4 to 19) on vacant land off Syon Lane, previously known as Conquest Club.

A planning application will shortly be made to the Council and we are seeking the views of the local community on the proposal.





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Hurried letters are no substitute for consultation

After a two year wait but in the space of just 12 hours, on 5 and 6 May 2015 some residents who would be affected by a development on the Conquest Club site received two letters. One was from Mary McCleod, Conservative parliamentary candidate, and the other was from Dr B S Mahon, Chairman, of the Nishkam Free School School Trust.  Both letters sought in different ways to respond to increasingly vocal concerns about the mooted development (I cannot even say “proposed” since it has not yet been properly proposed).

Mary McCleod’s says that she asked the free school for details about the proposed development on the Conquest site. The school told her that “The Conquest Club site was included as a possible site for a school in the original free school application submitted [to the Education Funding Agency] by the Nishkam School Trust.”

The school does not say on what basis this site of Metropolitan Open Space was included.  Mary McCleod sheds no light on the issue either eventhough she wrote in September 2013, “I’ve been actively supporting them throughout the process.”  See  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/mary-macleod/free-schools-education_b_3879081.html . Continue reading

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Conquest and White Lodge Clubs: McLeod lets the cat out of the bag

Bigger than you thought, little people, prepare yourselves.

On Tuesday 28.4.2015, a couple of hours after residents met at the gates of the White Lodge Club, Syon Lane for a photo to mark their seeing off of the Education Funding Agency’s big grey fence, Mary McLeod’s bag carrier, former councillor Barbara Reid was busy arranging a meeting of not nearly enough concerned locals for last night at the Wycombe House Club, Jersey Road and elsewhere..

At long last, McLeod felt able to reveal a proposal for the clubs site, below.

Big things in Little Osterley: Clubs site proposals

Big things in Little Osterley: Clubs site proposals

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