Nishkam responds to residents’ concerns

NishkamLogoBThis week, all Hounslow councillors received a letter from Vincent & Gorbing dealing with the proposal to build a free school for 1400 children on the White Lodge site at 152 Syon Lane.  Vincent & Gorbing is both the architectural company for the development and supplies the agent who submitted the application.  They deal closely with planning officers on planning matters related to the development.

The purpose of the letter was to alert councillors to what V&G, on behalf of the Nishkam School Trust and the taxpayer bankrolled Educational Funding Agency, what they consider to be incorrect information about the development coming from the volunteer run residents’ group Keep Osterley Green.

Specifically the document to which the V&G referred to is a KOG document entitled Who is Spreading Rumours. This document was sent to all councillors as a reaction to a general comment about rumours in an earlier e mail from V&G to all councillors; you can see that here.

The letter from V&G can be found here and should Keep Osterley Green respond, I’ll again, to encourage the fullest possible debate, share as I have tried to do with previous communications.

TL  18.9.2015

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