Conquest and White Lodge Clubs: McLeod lets the cat out of the bag

Bigger than you thought, little people, prepare yourselves.

On Tuesday 28.4.2015, a couple of hours after residents met at the gates of the White Lodge Club, Syon Lane for a photo to mark their seeing off of the Education Funding Agency’s big grey fence, Mary McLeod’s bag carrier, former councillor Barbara Reid was busy arranging a meeting of not nearly enough concerned locals for last night at the Wycombe House Club, Jersey Road and elsewhere..

At long last, McLeod felt able to reveal a proposal for the clubs site, below.

Big things in Little Osterley: Clubs site proposals

Big things in Little Osterley: Clubs site proposals

A resident afterwards made contact and the phrase “pretty much a done deal” reappeared and, “it’s also clear that Mary Macleod and Barbara Reid are in full support.”

Report of the meeting suggests the site will be divided into two sections with only one entrance from Syon Lane. One section for the four form entry (ages 4 to 18) school for (now) 1,500 pupils school and the second for the new Grasshoppers rugby club site. The current Grasshoppers rugby site on MacFarlane Lane would be transformed into a Sky sponsored secondary school.

There was also talk about another school near the Wyevale Garden Centre further up the road.

The resident reporting this added,

“Syon Lane will bear the full brunt but obviously all the roads around this area are going to be affected from Wood Lane to Jersey Road and beyond.  This little green village is slowly being transformed into an industrial area with no proper infrastructure and inadequate planning.  I honestly feel so sad and depressed… We’re against big guns, a lot of money and political madness!”

It is shameful that in all Mary McLeod’s Conservative Party literature during this election, and with all the puff following Cameron’s visit in March to the Green School, not a single word on their plans to rip Osterley off and apart.  We’ve had a long election campaign and only now, with less than a week to go and many postal votes already cast, has she felt the need to come clean.  Quite dishonest.

A number of people have contacted me and will be organising to fully scrutinise plans for the neighbourhood.  Should you wish to participate, please contact me at

TL 1.5.2015

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