The Grove to be resurfaced

Pursued for a number of years and the subject of numerous meetings and correspondence, The Grove is about to get a proper fix.

With Hounslow Highways and residents on The Grove May 2017

I had, recently, stopped reporting potholes on the eastern stretch of The Grove, with an assumption that if not patched further, the surface would get to such a state that it would eventually fail inspections and, it seems, this may have worked.  Last week, I received an email from Mr Sabeel Khan, the council’s Head of Highways PFI [Contract], containing the following,

“Early in 2022, we met and walked about the south section of Osterley and Spring Grove Ward.  We specifically spoke about the carriageway condition of The Grove, particularly the section from London Road towards the green near Harvard Road.  The road was not in the best condition at the time.  We spoke about not carrying out localised repairs as the road was scheduled to receive a treatment under the PFI for 2024.

The Grove, continually patched. February 2023

I am pleased to inform you that based on the 2022 surveys, the section of The Grove will be treated this year in March 2023.  Hounslow Highways have prepared the attached resident notification letter which will likely reach doors next week.  Advance signage will be placed at various points in the road and on street cones supplemented by the Traffic Order will be placed soon.  Once the treatment has been carried out over the two day period, a line marking crew will remark the road.”

With Sabeel Khan at The Grove and the remnants of the poor Horse Chestnut by Kenwyn Court after Storm Eunice February 2022

Although not done yet (works are scheduled to start on Friday 10.3.2023), I salute everyone’s patience as it has only taken almost six years to get to where we are.

TL   21.2.2023

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