Osterley Sports and Athletics Centre: Changes to Parking Management

Residents at 120 Wood Lane will soon receive advice from the Hounslow Council Traffic team that the nineteen car parking spaces historically allocated to the Osterley Sports and Athletic Centre will, in the same way as similar facilities across the borough, will be subject to charges at particular times.

This proposal is in response to complaints from OSAC staff and patrons regarding misuse of the parking space by those other than the intended users, which the Council currently has limited scope to manage or enforce.

OSAC: Long marked parking spaces to be enforced for legitimate users from 28 November 2022.

The proposed parking controls would be:

  • Parking controls operational between Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • A maximum stay period of 4 hours during the above times
  • Parking charges being free for up to 3 hours and then £4 for parking up to 4 hours, within the above times
  • The introduction of two dedicated Blue Badge disabled parking bays operational at all times and not subject to any charges.

The introduction of these controls has been agreed via this report and the charges are intended to ensure that legitimate OSAC users are not adversely impacted by the controls, hence free parking for up to 3 hours.

TL 11.11.2022

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