Osterley & Spring Grove swings to Labour

The Osterley and Spring Grove Ward is now represented by three Labour Councillors.

Whilst it was pretty much as normal elsewhere in the borough, although the Conservatives were given a very good run for their money in Turnham Green Ward, here in Osterley and Spring Grove Ward we helped with a bit of history on election day.

All three Labour Party candidates were elected with 54% of the vote and difference of 484 between our lowest and the Conservatives’ highest candidate; Councillor Tony Louki’s margin was 781.

Congratulations to Councillor Unsa Chaudri and Councillor Richard Eason on their election on Thursday 3 May 2018.

Full results can be found here: https://bit.ly/2rm0STq

You can also view the results in this graph.

The contrast with the results in 2014 is clear:

This extraordinary 2018 result represents a 9.7% swing to Labour. The participation rate was higher in O&SG than the average for the borough (38.7% compared to 36.6%).

The overall number of votes cast was also, up by 9.4%, compared to 2014. Even so the Conservative vote went down and the Labour vote went up considerably.

I will publish more detailed analysis of the results when the become available (or when I have time to produce them).

The Labour councillors all appreciate your support and undertake to keep you informed of their actions through regular report backs and discussions over the next four years.

Watch this space.

DP 5.5.2018



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