Tesco on Spring Grove Road: hidden gold found

In Isleworth you don’t have to look far to be reminded of its rich social, commercial and industrial history. Lots gone, some in your face, sometimes you need to look, other times told or better still shown. Occasionally something from the town’s past is revealed and stirs interest, from oot of the blue.

1 Clifton Road Soon to be a Tesco Express

1 Clifton Road soon to be Tesco Express, Spring Grove Road

Following a planning permission in April 2014, an off sales license and some initial works a year later, it was thought that Tesco had abandoned its plans to open at 1 Clifton Road. In April 2016 it was back on again and their  contractor has since been moving apace.

Arnold & Sons Limited - Master Shop Fitters from way back

Arnold & Sons Limited – Master Shop Fitters at 1 Clifton Road from way back

Saturday morning came a Tweet from @HaggerDarren whose pictures from 1 Clifton Road were accompanied with the comment, “The past revealed in Clifton Rd, can this be saved?” Later that day I took a look (and pictures) myself.  Also looking was another resident, DJ, who a few months previously explained why Isleworth, with all its current and planned developments, should look at ways to rediscover its soul. More on that another time.

The next day, Tesco boss, Dave Lewis was sent a line to explain and show why the firm might take another look at its current shop front design and asked whether what was discovered could be incorporated.  Their development project manager was e  m ailed to suggest that as Tesco considers Spring Grove as an upmarket neighbourhood, it would be very good to reflect on how the finished store will look and to enhance the  conservation area here.  An e mail response from Tesco earlier today is so far not negative.

Watch that space.

TL 31.5.2016

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