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Dudley House: Two planning applications to change its use

A meeting is to take place at St Mary’s Church Hall, Osterley Road on Tuesday 18 August 2015 at 7.30 pm where applicants have agreed to present their proposals and respond to residents’ comments.

Photo of Dudley House, The Grove, Isleworth from the Scoot website

Photo of Dudley House, The Grove, Isleworth from the Scoot website

This meeting will take place in response to another that took place on 4 August 2015 at the church hall which attracted more than 60 neighbours of the site who heard how the planning process would work for these applications.

Located on The Grove, Isleworth and last used as a private nursing home, both the current owner and housing charity Centrepoint have each submitted very similar planning applications to remove a condition of a 1986 permission that the premises to be occupied as an old people’s residential home. Should this be granted, the applicants’ ambition is to use Dudley House as a supported accommodation service for young people.

According to the Design and Access Statement submitted, should the council’s planning committee grant a change of use, separate applications would be expected to replace some windows, install CCTV cameras and to modify inside to provide accommodation for up to 18-20 young people within a range from four bed to self-contained units with cluster kitchen facilities while bathroom facilities will be either en-suite or shared. A copy of the full Design and Access Statement can be found here.

Centrepoint’s planning application form can be found here.

Current owner, Pearl Resources Limited’s planning application form can be found here.

The plan submitted with both applications can be found here.

The site is in the Spring Grove Conservation Area, a status which developers and planners should consider in applications made within its boundary. A copy of the Spring Grove Conservation Area appraisal can be found here.

Past history of the site from the website Lost Hospitals of London can be found here.

Hounslow Council as planning authority would welcome written comments on either of these applications and will collate and combine responses when preparing a report for planning committee members. A copy of the site notice posted locally can be found here:

Written comments bearing the reference 00523/C/P13 should be sent by 14 September 2015 to Development Management, London Borough of Hounslow, The Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 4DN or emailed to and copied to the case officer

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Progress on parking measures for Wyke Gardens Estate

I  was asked to present a petition signed by 39 (since up to 46) residents of the Wyke Gardens Estate off Syon Lane in Osterley to the Mayor at the 27 January 2015 Borough Council meeting at Hounslow Civic Centre.  It read, “Petition to Hounslow Council requesting introduction of restricted parking in Wyke Gardens housing estate in Isleworth (Stags Way, Wyke and Crowntree Close).”  The wheels of the democratic and legal processes can move slowly but progress is being made.

Example of the type of parking on Stags Way concerning residents

Example of the type of parking on Stags Way concerning residents

Despite BSkyB making effort to secure short term parking sites in the area during its development, the removal of parking on Grant Way until 2019 and the presence of contractors and sub contractors has meant increased use of the once quiet backwater of the Wyke (not to mention Northumberland Estate). Continue reading

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