Dudley House 3: Hounslow Council planners recommending refusal of remaining planning application

Earlier this week, housing charity Centrepoint withdrew their planning application for the removal of a condition allowing Dudley House to only operate as a nursing home.

Dudley House extract from LBH Planning Pending Decisions List

Dudley House extract from LBH Planning Pending Decisions List

Planning officers have, today, placed the remaining application (ref 00523/C/12), made by Pearl Resources Limited, on the council’s weekly Pending Decisions List with a view to refusing planning permission in due course. The full list: Pending Decisions List 2015: Week 33 14th- 21st August 2015– Isleworth & Brentford can be seen here, Dudley House is referred to on page 2, item 3.

It is understood that because Pearl has not specified a future user and specific use, and in light of the original planning condition, the council does not appear satisfied that the proposal would ensure acceptable living conditions for neighbours.

Looking at the condition, the council would wish to assess future prospective uses individually but in this case the applicants have merely sought removal of the condition.

For example, had Centrepoint continued with its application and Hounslow was minded to approve, planners are likely to have recommended a variety of conditions regulating the nature of the use. The advice is, in the absence of a specific user and a specific method of operations proposed by Pearl, the council cannot do this.

The process responding to items on the pending list is, if any councillor wishes to request consideration of an application at the next Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum (on 17 September 2015), they should contact planning by the end of the following Friday. I shall not be doing this therefore allowing the planners to confirm their recommendation via delegated powers.

To clarify, at present, the application is still live and comments from residents are encouraged; 12 submitted so far.

The owners may, of course, appeal to the government’s Planning Inspectorate if their application is refused. Should this happen then those residents having made comments would be able to contribute to an appeal hearing if it gets that far.

TL 14.8.2015

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