Labour’s Guy Lambert wins Brentford by-election

A by-election for neighbouring Brentford Ward took place yesterday 9 July 2015 to choose a replacement for Ruth Cadbury following her and Labour’s famous  victory in May.  It was won by the Labour Party candidate, Guy Lambert.

Councillor for Brentford Ward Guy Lambert being congratulated on his win by other candidates and Chief Executive of Hounslow Council

The new Councillor for Brentford Ward, Guy Lambert being congratulated on his win by the other candidates and Hounslow Council’s Chief Executive

On a turnout of just under 22%, the result was: Labour 1292 votes (54%), Conservative 664 (27.7%), Green 209 (8.7%), Liberal Democrat 116 (4.8%), Kipper 113 (4.7%), Spoilt papers 3 (0.1%).

Well done to Guy and to the folk that voted for him and the Labour Party and to all who worked to get him elected.  Looking forward to working with him for the rest of our term on the council.

TL 10.7.2015

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