Your Neighbourhood Grant

Now in its second year, the Your Neighbourhood Grant supports projects, events and activities that come from local residents and that have the backing of their local Councillors.

The Spring Grove Residents Association Platinum Jubilee Event held on Spencer Road Green

Awards made in Osterley and Spring Grove Ward in 2021/2022 and supported by councillors were,

  • a contribution to a install a defibrilator at St Mary’s Church Hall, Osterley Road
  • equipment, supplies and a cherry tree for the Friends of Jersey Gardens to enhance their park
  • funding to the Spring Grove Residents Association to put on a Platinum Jubilee community event at the much loved Spencer Road Green on 3 June 2022, read more about their day, here.

Applications are accepted for up to £1,000 towards each project from a pot of  £3,000  allocated for Osterley and Spring Grove Ward.  Guidance on what can be applied for can be read here.

This year, the council is asking that funding applications should come directly from Councillors, so if you have an idea for a project that you would like to be supported by the Your Neighbourhood Grant, please email or call one of us,

If not one of our Ward residents, find contact details for your own councillor on the Council website

If residents have any questions about the Your Neighbourhood Grant please contact the Council’s Thriving Communities Fund Managers Michelle Hutchinson: or Kate Wilson:

The grant is now open and applications are being accepted until Friday 7 October 2022.


TL  18.8.2022

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