Pothole Pledge 2021 Programme Continues in Osterley and Spring Grove Ward

The Council’s Pothole Pledge for 2021 has completed the initial first phase of 14 roads across the borough, four of which were resurfaced in Osterley and Spring Grove Ward during August 2021: The Grove from Harvard to Spring Grove Road, Thornbury Road from London to Spring Grove Road, Weston Gardens and Thornbury Avenue.

The Director of Environment meeting my resident at Weston Gardens May 2021

Hounslow Highways is gearing up for 50 days of continuous work between October and Christmas to complete another 34 roads, five more in our Ward: Wood Lane north of Great West Road, Borough Road, part of Grove Road, Ridgeway Road North and Osterley Avenue.

Weston Gardens, Thornbury Avenue, Borough Road, Wood Lane and Osterley Avenue were earmarked because residents raised matters with Ward Councillors or contacted the council direct. The surfaces of most of those and of Ridgeway Road North, Thornbury Road and The Grove (not my preferred part) have also been the subject of numerous of my FixMyStreet reports to Hounslow Highways.

On a resurfaced Thornbury Avenue September 2021

The full list of roads completed and those to be treated can be found here.  All roads will be closed to vehicles traffic for the duration of the works.  Some will be completed in a day; longer roads may take up to 4 days.  Closures will take place from 08.00 and 17.00 each day the highway crews are on site treating the roads.

Wood Lane and Ridgeway Road North are part of the H28 bus route and London Buses will arrange bus stop closures and diversions for the days in question.

Current state of Ridgeway Road North

Residents on affected roads will be written to, advance warning signs put up two weeks before works start, and cones and barriers put out the day before.  Resident entry or exit at the closed areas, will be marshalled through the site by an operative at a maximum speed of 5 mph.  There will be approximately an hour where no traffic will be permitted when the new surface is laid down.

Whilst all of the borough’s roads are not perfect, the Pothole Pledge has dealt with the roads that our residents and citizens nominated as needing treatment and has built on the work of Hounslow Highways over the years of their contract.

Borough Road to be fixed following residents’ approaches to their ward councillors

For the second year running Hounslow’s roads have been independently assessed, by the London Technical Advisors Group (LoTAG) as the best in London, see the report here.

Road surfaces do deteriorate and, when noticed, potholes can be reported to Hounslow Highways via FixMyStreet.

TL 1.10.2021

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