Dudley House 8: A new planning application

Following the Hounslow Council Planning Committee’s refusal of STS Group Investments’ bid to convert and extend Dudley House on 12 January 2017, a new application has been submitted and was validated on 6 February 2017.

Dudley House, The Grove, Isleworth

Dudley House, The Grove, Isleworth

Planning Committee knocked back the previous application (reference P/2016/3928) because of its inappropriate design for a conservation area and lack of amenity space.

The new proposal (reference P/2017/0496) still provides 17 units and as far as can be ascertained, the differences since the previous application are:

  • an increase to the amount of communal amenity space from 378 sqm to 408 sqm
  • a change to the design of the roof extension
  • realigned windows to the roof extension
  • a new glass balustrade proposed to the west elevation
  • minor internal alterations to the flats’ layouts.

A copy of the residents notification letter may be found here.

Further details may be seen by visiting the council website’s planning pages and using reference P/2017/0496.

Comments would as usual, be welcomed.

TL 11.2.2017

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