White Lodge Club Site: Planning Committee on Thursday 3.12.2015

To be held in the Lampton Park Conference Centre, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 4DN at 7.30 pm – a meeting to be held in public but not a public meeting.


The ambition of the Nishkam Free School and its backers to locate on this sports ground may be settled by the 15 members of Hounslow’s Planning Committee later this week.

This follows what appears to have been a few years of assurances, interventions, submissions, challenges and generally civilized discussion in the neighbourhoods of Osterley and North Isleworth and beyond. Even Eric Pickles and the Earl of Jersey’s firm got in on the action.

Whatever the outcome, it has always been about making residents aware of what’s happening and improving the flow of dialogue and documents locally in Osterley & Spring Grove Ward.

As a member of the planning committee, I have read the agenda so far, await the supplementary papers to be released nearer the meeting, will take part in and listen to the debate and then vote having weighed the argument and published information I have seen over the past six months.

For those still awake, please feel free to access the latest document via the following links:

– The Agenda for the 3.12.2015 Planning Committee

– The Keep Osterley Green (development opponents) response to the planners’ report

– The Nishkam Free School 1.12.2015 Briefing on its proposal

– The Keep Osterley Green case against the proposal

– The Nishkam Free School Mythbuster comments on the Keep Osterley Green case against

– Recent CPRE document on schools building on MOL and Green Belt A Done Deal .

Trust this will be useful.

TL 1.12.2015

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