Your Labour Candidates for Osterley & Spring Grove

Council elections: Labour Party Team for Osterley & Spring Grove Ward

It’s an obvious pleasure to once more be a candidate for next week’s elections and I thank my colleagues of the local ward party for the honour and privilege of placing my name on the ballot form.

Am also very satisfied that those same comrades and tireless volunteers have also graced me with Unsa Chaudri and Richard Eason as my running mates.  The three of us will continue my efforts to address and work to reverse the many years of Conservative neglect in our neighbourhoods.

You will not find two more intelligent, hard working and proven community advocates anywhere on the ballot form ready to and worthy of joining me to work locally as well as trying to represent you at the council and beyond.

We would be humbled if you would lend all THREE of you votes to us on Thursday 3 May 2018.

Thank you.

Tony Louki